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Symphogear game, Symphogear XD UNLIMITED


  • Re-live even more of the hit anime series, Symphogear!

    Re-experience the anime through the main quest! Make your way through the quests and see each character's famous scenes once more!

  • Stories exclusive to the app

    There is a treasure-trove of original content

    Gjallarhorn 9 wielders come together to take on their biggest enemy yet! Dive into the mystery of the interdimensional Complete Relic: Gjallarhorn!

    Story Events Stories that could only be told through the app, such as how those who are now torn apart first met. Enjoy the wielders' everyday lives through a wealth of stories following them behind the scenes!

  • Fight with songs as your weapon! A Symphonic Battle RPG!

    Perform special attacks by tapping on your screen!

    Make your debut with breathtaking special attacks and music! Make use of attacks from the hit anime as well as original game-only ones and take a stand against evil!

  • Exhilarating special attacks

    Hibiki Style: Comet Spear (Hibiki Tachibana) Don't miss out on seeing exclusive original Gears in-game!

    Heaven's Wrath(Tsubasa Kazanari) Recreating famous scenes from the anime!

  • Symphogear Cards

    You can even see characters who appeared in the anime fight by your side!

    Get their card and make them your ally!

    You'll get to see much more than just the Symphogear wielders in the scenarios!

  • Symphogear Cards

    All cards can be Limit Unlocked and raised to ★6 rarity!

    Both beloved Symphogear from the anime and new wielders alike! You can Limit Unlock all Symphogear cards to ★6 rarity! There are plenty of ways other than Limit Unlocking to power up your cards!

  • Memoria Cards

    Power up your team by equipping these to your Symphogear cards! They also include side story quests to get a glimpse into the wielders' everyday lives!

    By equipping Memoria cards to your Symphogear cards, you can strengthen their stats and unlock new powers! Give yourself the edge in battle by Limit Breaking and enhancing your Memoria cards! Unlock original scenarios to get a glimpse of the everyday lives of wielders! Delve deeper into the world of Symphogear by obtaining more Memoria cards!

  • Create your own personal music box!

    Change the field of battle with the power of music! Give yourself the upper hand by upgrading your music!

    You can unlock new songs by completing various conditions! You can strengthen the effects of each song by leveling them up! The effects of your music affect the field of battle itself! Unlocking and upgrading plenty of songs is the key to winning battles!

  • Battle Arena/Challenge Cup

    Battle with players from all over with a team of your favorite Symphogear!

    You can battle with players from all over through the Battle Arena! Equip your favorite cards and aim for the top! Battle against others with your own dream parties!

  • Raids

    Gather materials and level your Symphogear cards up to ★6!

    Join in Raids to get the materials necessary to Limit Unlock your Symphogear cards! Work with other players to bring down bosses!

  • Hexa Quests

    Complete highly difficult quests to unlock useful new cards!

    If your team of 6 can clear a grueling Hexa Quest, you'll be rewarded with a useful card! Use your strongest cards to power up your team!

  • Advent Battles

    Get a high damage score to earn prizes!

    Get better rewards the higher your damage score goes! Strengthen your team to get even higher damage scores!

The above screen is from the Japanese version

Game Information

Symphonic Battle RPG
English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional)
Free (In-App purchases)
iOS: iOS10.0 and above
The following devices are not supported:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad (4th Gen.), iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPod touch (6th Gen.), iOS devices with less than 1GB of RAM.
Android: Devices with Android 5.0 and above
Not all devices will be supported.
Devices with Intel Atom processors are not supported.